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“We Make Technology Easy”

by Margaret Ellis

As soon as I played with apps on the iPod Touch, I knew they belonged in the classroom and particularly in the hands of students with special needs.  The various ways to input and output information make the iPod Touch a great tool for differentiating instruction.  I am thrilled DevelopEase is building apps and facilitating the use of iPods in education.

The multitouch interface makes technology accessible for individuals with disabilities.  A layer of abstraction is removed since a user can directly manipulate screen objects with his or her fingers instead of via a mouse.  For all users, and especially students with processing disorders, reducing abstraction greatly improves accessibility.  The iPod Touch provides several interaction styles, which means more opportunities for DevelopEase to accommodate a variety of learning styles whether tactile, kinesthetic, auditory or visual!

The built-in speakers provide ease of use for students with disabilities.  For example:

    +students with hearing devices don't need special cords

    +individuals with sensory processing disorders can avoid earphones

    +individuals who have communication disorders can use an iPod touch as a “talker”


While brainstorming approaches to get iPods into our local schools, I realized that DevelopEase could get started right away!   Apple’s iphone developer program provides the sdk programming environment, clear examples and documentation.  ITunes also provides a great feedback loop from customers.  Developers and users are more connected than ever.  This improved communication promotes the design of usable interfaces and development of practical applications!

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